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"I need to post on your site about Dragon's Breath. I love it! I use it on my egg whites. Couldn't eat them without it. I put it on pretty much everything."

-Cari J., Bethesda, MD

"I really liked the Wing of Bat. I usually put my young friers on a can of beer in the oven and that keeps the chicken moist. Gives a bit of flavor but not much. However, teamed with the Wing of Bat spice, it was perfect! Dried and buttered the chicken, rubbed it with the spice, sat it on the newly opened beer can and stood it in a 400 oven for an hour. Great!"

-Billie J., Birmingham, AL

Here is one dinner conversation passed on to me by one of the teachers at my daughter’s school:

Kids: Mom, what did you put on chicken? It’s so good.
Mom: Eye of Newt
Kids: Funny. But what did you put on chicken?
Mom: I told you, Eye of Newt.
Kids: Dad, tell mom to stop.
Dad: Can you tell them what you put on the chicken?
Mom: I did. Eye of Newt.
Family: She’s lost it.

– Karen, Potomac, MD

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